Month: December 2017

Massage Workers Unite Over Poor Working Conditions

How does the whole process of getting a massage work?

A good  is able to cause a number of physiological changes in the body of the person who is getting the massage which normally happens through the following:

?    The relaxation response. This is a kind of involuntary yet a response which is predicated where the nervous system reacts to the massage touch and techniques that are been used. 
?    The mechanical response. This is all the physical effects that tend to occur in the body as a result of pressure being applied to the soft tissues of the body. 

So what is the relaxation response?
When you are getting a massage therapy, the safe and caring touch is a kind of invitation that should help you feel relaxed. Combined with the pain relief, the entire process is what is referred to as a relaxation response. To better understand it, the relaxation process can be described as a state whereby your breathing and heart rate go down, the production of your stress hormones also goes down, your blood pressure decreases and in turn, all your muscles relax. The relaxation response is also very beneficial since it is able to increase the serotonin levels that are available in the body. Serotonin is a chemical in the body that acts by having a positive effect on your thoughts and emotions. However, even though it may be very promising for you once you hear this, it is still important for more studies to be done so that there can be a confirmation of the relationship that there is between the production of serotonin levels in the brain and its connection to a massage.

The relaxation process is also able to decrease all the physical effects that tend to come as a result of stress and other medical risks that may be brought about by stress like insomnia, hypertension, anxiety, arrhythmias, digestive disorders, sexual dysfunction and other psychological issues that may be related to this.

So what is a mechanical response?
This type of physical manipulation of the body has two main effects on the body:

?    It is able to normalize and relax the soft tissues like the connective tissues, ligaments, muscles, and tendons.
A good massage therapy is able to relax all your soft tissues which in turn is able to reduce the painful spams and contractions that many people suffer from. A good may also go a step further into the reduction of nerve compression in the body.
?    It is able to increase lymph and blood circulation.
The improvement of circulation is most probably because of the physical manipulation that takes place on the soft tissues and also all the chemicals that are released in the body as a result of the mechanical response.


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