Vegetarian Restaurants In Vancouver

Vancouver has curved its niche as one of the tourist destination in Canada, one cannot ignore the fact that Vancouver has a long range of restaurants that offer great services to the residents of the city in satisaying their stomach needs. This has placed the city ahead in this as they have one of the best restaurants in the world in offering almost every kind of food that you may need. One niche that the city has become a pro is the vegetarian sector. In case you are, a vegetarian person you need to worry because you are assured to be sported in Vancouver y their vast number of restaurants that specialize in vegies food. This article will therefore give you an insight of the vegetarian restaurants in the city, they include.

Heirloom vegetarian

In case you are finding vegetarian Restaurants In Vancouver, heirloom is one of t6eh most popular joint that you will ever come across. This vegetarian restaurant offers vegetarian meals, which looks very tasty thanks to their playful design. The taste of the food first is known through the eyes and the heirloom has just noticed this. The restaurants have different foods like avocado skins, which are baked, a brunch, which does not have meat, and a lot of other vegetarian foods. The heirloom restaurant is found in 1509 west 12th avenue in Vancouver you will find all your vegetarian needs there.

Farmer’s apprentice

The farmers apprentice is a Fitlabs Testing vegetarian restaurant that is owned by David Gunawans found in 1535west 6th street in Vancouver. What you are assured in this restaurant is that you will never find the same menu twice. The restaurant has tapped into the fresh produce market where they use only fresh produce form the farm to give their customers the best food that they will ever taste. The restaurant offers both omnivore option and herbivore option so it will be your choice. In case you want a delicious vegetarian meal, farmers apprentice should be your destination.

The Naam

The naam is another vegetarian destination, which you ought to try. It is located in the 2724 west 4th avenue in Vancouver and offers one of the best vegetarian dish you will ever come across. This restaurant have specialized in the sesame fries which has add on of miso gravy giving you a lover of fries a perfect fit for your taste. In addition, the naam restaurant offers noodles, burgers made of vegies, Mexican-inspired fare, salads and many more. In case therefore that you are a fries person the naam place should be your number one, spot and you will be assured of your fill according to your taste and preferences.